This is subjective unfortunately, but I think if you saw the performance of the TM with the three tested memory configurations you would notice the difference too. Like most Acer laptops, the TM has an understated yet classy look. In everyday office tasks this would be a drawback. This result was a big surprise to me. I think this is important for any company that wants to become a well-known brand because it makes your products instantly recognizable. One of the features that I like best is that the number of applications is kept low. I started up our battery benchmark of choice Battery Eater Pro 2.

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On the positive side, you get excellent value. That is a plus if you have volume licensing in place with Microsoft.

The battery is small and this will limit how productive you travelkate be when you are away from wall power. The keyboard on this model is nicer than that of the Ferrari WLMi. Also, you are prompted to create your restore disks. It should be noted that when I installed a single memory module rated for MHz that the TM did not benefit from it.

Acer TravelMate 2428AWXMi

Although inexpensive, the screen looks really good. With MB of RAM installed I had to stop some non-responsive applications manually using the task manager several times.

In my unscientific tests, the TM bested all other laptops tested in my home for detecting networks. Matte screen view large image. One of the first compromises to get the TM price down is in the memory department.


Every once in a while I seem to have this same problem with Battery Eater. The only question mark is longevity — can you get 2428anwci years from it?

Battery view large image In real world testing I managed to get almost four hours from the battery while surfing and writing an article.

Frankly, a company needs a pretty talented product manager or team of them to compete in this space. I expected that a small battery like this one would mean approximately two hours on battery power. Linux reads shared folders with no problem.

This is a small sized wide-screen business notebook targeted at companies that do not need or can travflmate afford to outfit their workers with the latest ThinkPad or Latitude. As a bonafide notebook computer enthusiast I have watched with interest as budget priced portable computers have plummeted in price these past few years. All of these companies now have interesting notebooks priced at the entry level.

Acer TravelMate 2428 Review — A Look at What You Get With a Budget Laptop These Days (pics, specs)

And for larger companies looking at the TM, a Linux version would travrlmate like buying the notebook without OS. Like most Acer laptops, the TM has an understated yet classy look. Something that I think is 2428anaxci important for notebook makers to consider, especially for budget and entry level notebooks, is the out of box experience.

That also tends to be more of a consumer feature but it is handy to have a SD or Compact Flash card reader to transfer files.


Acer TravelMate AWXMi – Specification and Drivers

In my opinion the only thing budget about this notebook is the price. A year from now that might not be the case but my initial impression is quite favorable. First boot triggers some configuration routines that run through the setup of various Acer utilities.

The TM lacks a media card reader. Naturally, you lose all of the excellent Acer utilities in a Linux environment — until such time as Acer decides to write versions for Linux. One of the features that I like best is that the number of applications is kept low.

Navigating a Windows network is no problem at all. This is a lower capacity battery — another cost saving sacrifice.

As has been said countless times before, this video subsystem is perfectly acceptable for business use and watching media. You can easily convert to the volumes from Fat32 to the generally preferred NTFS format without losing any data using a command line utility built into Windows.

Imagine how long a bigger battery would last. For this test I selected Ubuntu 6.