We will compare the differences to Windows 8. We can see the reason when we look at the clocks: Cinebench R15 Multi 2. Extech Power Analyzer This evaluation also corresponds with the consumption values later in this review. Are you paying a premium for performance?

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Carrizo in Review: How does AMD’s A10-8700P Perform?

Lower than this is not worth it. The matte Full HD panel and the additional dedicated graphics card are pretty rare in this price range as well. Intel Core i5 U Report a correction. Cinebench R15 Single 3. I grew up with computers and modern consumer electronics.

Since I read this only after typing out my answer I find it ideal to just provide the link: Inside the Dell Inspiron 15 This problem was only solved after we followed a tip from AMD and used the full version of PowerDVD 15 we want to thank CyberLink at this g6 for the provided test version. The configurable TDP between 12 and 35 watts also allows the manufacturers to adjust the performance and consumption to each device — separate models for every TDP class are not necessary.

Intel Core i5 U vs AMD A10 6th Gen AP

Significantly better performance per watt Irrelevant of the CPU brand; when overclocking a cooling pad will help maintain the air flow and help the extra f6 generated to dissipate more effectively. The clock only drops significantly in the extremely demanding stress tool Prime95, but this is not really important.


Further information and analyses are available in our previous Carrizo articles: Much better CompuBench 1. The frame rate in our Dota qmd scene fluctuates at around 24 fps Extech Power Analyzer Carrizo is the first x86 processor or first x86 APU, respectively, with an integrated video unit that can also decode the current H.

Radeon R6 A10-8700P

We will have a detailed look at this in combination with Windows 10 in a separate article. We really want to praise the modern H. The Intel system even needed 2 watts more when we used the hybrid decoder — it seems that software decoding on the Broadwell CPU cores is more efficient than the use of the GPU.

A10 6th Gen AP n.

Only or MHz lower clocks in the single and multithread test of Cinebench R15 should be hardly noticeable in practice. Please, switch off ad blockers and support us!

Is amd a10 p good for gaming? – Quora

After a short overview about the architecture, model lineup and review unit, we want to have a closer look at the processor and graphics performance as well as the multimedia abilities of the chip.


How good is AMD?

All in all, Carrizo manages an advantage of around 15 percent; if the memory of the Pavilion is really only clocked at MHz DDRthe real difference should raseon higher than 20 percent. The manufacturer now once again provides the most powerful graphics solution within the watt segment, even though the reviewed Pavilion 17 is probably slightly slowed down by the not perfectly configured memory.

The APU runs at 3.

After we had a detailed look at the new Carrizo architecture in the last weeks and months, we just want to give you a short summary at this point. We can say the same thing for both GPUs: Cinebench R15 Multi 2. Are you radekn a premium for performance?

Arkham Knight 9 8 fps.

Core i5 U 5. Last Light Thief Call of Duty: Since Dell and Lenovo have take the time to design their models according to the heat dispersion requirement of radeo AMD CPU they have proven to be the best option. Advanced Warfare