What should I do now? Go to the device manager to check if the Reaktek Audio driver is installed. After installation, click Launch to launch the APP. If the jumpers JL1 and JR1 are short, both front panel and rear panel audio connectors can work. Set the item “Boot From Network” to “Enable”. Please refer to following INTEL website to download the patch file, and then follow the steps to update the file http:

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Is there any point for attention? But CPU speed shows 2. How should I solve the problem?

Specifications – Asrock k7s8x r User Manual – Page 5 of 29 |

Hardware feature, no need to be adjusted. Then you can freely enjoy the benefit of Dual Graphics feature. Please disable all bootable devices under BIOS, then save and leave.

If you plan to install one above memory module, you can install it to any DDRII slot of this motherboard. Here are some suggestions: During POST at the beginning of system boot-up, press key, and then a window for boot devices selection appears.


After installation completed and entered into OS, there are two kinds of OS for choosing: Is Hybrid Booster a utility to install? What is Boot Failure Guard B.

How do I solve it? Reinstall the operating system.

Install latest drivers from ASRock website. Please right click on the Taskbar and choose the Task Manager. But the system is very unstable. Install the driver and reboot system. Then turn on the AC switch of the power supply.

Please update the VGA driver to v Set the asroc, “Boot From Network” to “Enable”. I’ve downloaded Intel Management Engine driver ver: Failing to do so may cause the MAC address disappeared.

Asrock K7S8X V3.01 Motherboard socket A 462 AGP 5x PCI LAN USB Sound 3x DDR RAM

ASRock also offers the hot key “Home” to enable Flexibility. Install ME driver ver: If you are fully aware of the category of your question, you may choose one of the categories below for frequently soumd questions.


You don’t need to adjust any setting to enable B. This motherboard does not support three or four above memory modules. Please download the teaming driver from following link and install it.

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At this moment, please do not remove the USB siund drive. Go to the device manager to check if the Reaktek Audio driver is installed. After Key in the instruction, the system will flash MAC address automatically.

My onboard audio is Realtek HD audio.

Please refer to the steps as below to solve the issue. Referring to the picture, move to Hardware tags as 1. Please load the BIOS default settings and then save the settings. Please follow below steps to meet your application Step1: