Intel Core iU Intel Core i7. To find the plug that fits your notebook, do not only check if the plug physically fits the power socket of your device, but also check if the voltage that is indicated on the tip of the adapter is correct for your notebook. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: Our measurement device indicates little more than 47 Watts at the start of the stress test, despite the integrated GPU. The performance is obviously sufficient for some YouTube videos or some background music, but you should use external speakers or headphones for a better audio performance.

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The adapter has a fourfold intelligent protection system, that protects against overheating, over voltage, over current and short circuits. The mouse replacement is called Asus Precision Touchpad and is implemented as a ClickPad without dedicated buttons.

Asus PadFone – Full phone specifications

The biggest 39965 between the test model and the ZenBook UX is obviously the larger inch screen. This is perhaps related to our early test sample, and we hope that a software update will improve the situation.

There is an EyeCare profile reduction of blue colorsVivid, and Manual manual adjustment of the color temperature. The panel manages a low black value of 0.

Intel Celeron 3965Y – benchmark tests, specifications and information

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The smooth surface is sufficiently sized at The port selection is identical to the smaller ZenBook UX The Asus Splendid Technology pays off here, and it also offers several picture modes. The competition lasts a bit longer, but they also have darker screens and slightly slower processors in return. The only weak spot is the center keyboard area towards the hinge, which can be pushed in a bit. The Asus BIOS is nicely designed accessible via F2 during bootbut the navigation with the touchpad was very tricky.

The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

Enter postal code and country name eg. Brand and product assu mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Applications are quickly launched as well and the whole system is very responsive. The most unique feature of the ZenBooks is the concentric circle pattern on the lid.

The provided Watt power adapter is therefore sufficient, but it does not have a 396 of headroom to charge the battery under load. The ZenBook with a inch display. You cannot see the differences with the naked eye though. The competitors are closer in the Single Core test and the differences are limited to the single-digit range.

Considering the early wsus of our test sample, this behavior could be a result of non-optimized software. The ZenBook UX is a very efficient system while idling and with light workloads, because we can only measure 3. Our measurement device shows more than 43 dB A both with medium as well as maximum load.


Asus ZenBook UXUA Notebook Review – Reviews

Cons – 2x USB 2. The sound will be reflected towards the user on solid surfaces, but the result can be a bit muffled on soft surfaces lap, couch, etc. We determine the maximum runtime with the Battery Eater Reader’s Test. Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings. However, the ports are very close to asjs other, so adjacent connectors might block each other. The HD Graphics is powerful in our test model, but the overall performance is still only sufficient for older asks less demanding titles like Tomb Raider of BioShock Infinite fromfor example.

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The ZenBook UXUA is a very cool device and basically does not warm up at all while idling and with light workloads. Product specifications may differ from country to country.