I’ve installed the drivers successfully, however, the video playback on all media internet or from HDD and all format – avi, mpg etc Sciurognathi, thanks for replying, I’ve tried both yours and Deriamis’s solutions and I’m still getting problems I’m afraid. As for the multiple resolutions issue – well, that’s something you’re going to have to speak with amdcccle on make sure you start it with gksudo! Huge thanks to Richard Lloyd and mxyzptlk for pointing this out. The open source drivers will probably support 3d before ATI gets it right.

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AMD Drivers and Support for Radeon, Radeon Pro, FirePro, APU, CPU, Ryzen, desktops, laptops

Just accept that now. I don’t know because I obviously can’t reproduce it. Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: The X2 has been known to work, but the MB HD does not at this time, unless someone has a way to get it working?

Thanks Zika for your instructions, they worked perfectly for me. Usually when I scroll a page I get black boxes in someplaces.

Put on all the eyecandy and no problems. I thought of noting down the the process in few simple steps which anyone can follow and get ;roprietary drivers working on Fedora 11 with latest kernel versions.


I just wanted to post my xorg. Am I making myself confused? As a matter of fact I’ve doubled my speed I’m using radeon driver and regained compiz that I really don’t use Sorry for the wall of text, thanks in advance. Drivers are working now. Not all that happy about the situation.: Aside from that, it’s fairly safe to ignore, as far as I can tell.

I had something similar to this when installing on ibex, but after 5 minutes of blackness, it finally went to the login screen and I had no issue since then, I’m guessing it was an initial install thing.

I tried to reinstall the restricted drivers again, to no avail. However, video capture is not supported.

Graphics Card

AMD is, however, trying to help along the development of the open-source drivers, though. BTW I got dual display working with Xinerama turned on with this version.

And no xorg configuration file that I saw looked like it would do what I needed: Gee you’d think they’d put a toggle here too I was linjx messages in my Xorg. If you have an IGP, you can also try fiddling a bit with the memory settings tai xorg. To put it plain and simple, proprietary blobs are not adequate for fast moving platforms like Linux.

Org Foundation support at http: I would not blame it on canonical.


Graphics Card | Tech Stuff

Sciurognathi, thanks for replying, I’ve tried both yours and Deriamis’s solutions and I’m still getting problems I’m afraid. When I was moving that, often freeze. Do not forget to update the kernel-devel package as well as its needed to compile the fglrx kernel module.

New install everything runs great here is my current config, even got the dual monitors to work the way I want them too! Just because a distribution has crappy support for your older card does not mean the driver has not been improved since distributions do not generally update the drivers from code freeze which can be months before the distribution is released.

I have Jaunty installed it defiantly boots faster and everything seems a little faster but I have no 3d which really sucks.

I have not used my Caatlysttm install a while but on my new Mandriva Well, i just followed that wiki entry to install them manually, with no luck.

I hear it is the same in Jaunty with this driver.