Find all posts by fearless. Addressing me personally in any exotic language will be treated as severe insulting! I am not responsible for that. User Name Remember Me? I am happy to fiddle with the configuration a bit as long as there is compatibility between SageTV and the card itself.

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Azurewave/Twinhan Satellite TV with PCI-E TV Card (AD-SE200(1028))

Well, it seems, I’m looking like getting slightly off topic here, but as TV is about life a-se200 and part of all our lifes, and freedom of information surely is essential, even such side aspects do matter in the end, for everyone. How can I daa qd-se200 capture filter? Specially as making BDA drivers requires expensive lincencing, and by this accepting some non disclosure agreements, that whole thing is not making sense from my point of view.

And I will never assist on PayTV hacking. We all do know, he wants to support as many cards and sticks as any possible Well, at least BSOD is still supported. Does the card come with its own software?

For more information, see these topics: Author Post time Subject Ascending Descending. Well, trying to think global, I’m getting the ad-ze200, one day people trying to record or decrypt without permission, will be handled as terrorists Specify which channels to scan. And those are very hardware specific. Originally Posted by fearless. But I don’t know any details on this, not even, if your card already existed then, with whatever branding I am also looking at getting one of them as I have run out of PCI slots.


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Twinhan Download Driver Software – torrentsarab

There’s no technical reason for this, definitely, as there’s not a thing in the world, that could be done with BDA but not with WDM, exept of preventing you from some access to hardware features and benefits Ad-ze200 the ‘Activation’ section. Hi, Did you manage to get this card going?

I use the Capture filter. ProgSat Dec 29, 9: So, if 3rd party software authors want to share that tricks, they have to either buy that knowledge and by this introduce several other nasty limitations, or find their own hack But there’s no way of enforcing such progress.

Twinhan / Azurewave AD-SE or

As you will know, there are some manufacturers, axurewave do provide both kinds of drivers, so such limitations surely are not a must yet.

Find all posts by fearless. I was just wondering if you were able to scan successfully that way.


I am happy to fiddle with the configuration a bit as a-dse200 as there is compatibility between SageTV and the card itself. I don’t give support by e-mail or PM. A graph cannot work as long as the signal sources aren’t available due to device not found. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year.

I am not responsible for that. So again, only the manufacturers may know why Many software products still aren’t working well and others don’t at all under Fista, which normally should still be declared as early beta state SE 1 by alphaz Hi, i was wondering if it were possible to add support to progdvb any version for the azurewave card, as of right now when i select in card options azurewave in vista, i get windows blue screen of death and memory dump.

User Name Remember Me? On top of everything else I am running Vista 64 so this should be interesting