It has not been certified or endorsed by them, nor was it written using information directly supplied by them. Im not very tech savvy in re to the requirements. February 10, – This was helpful 2. Just wanted to share my troubles with the programs before wasting your money on something. Retrieved January 20,

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Be sure to Pattern or PIN unlock your device.

You could also try BitPIM. Menuing delays common to the slower V3 platform are gone. My computer does not have bluetooth capability, but that’s the other option I’d consider. Contents in the box include quick start manuals and its charger.

Complaints were made about allegations of dust accumulating between the V3’s plastic screen and LCD glass, possibly through an external side button. I can though mention that it is motorxzr kick motorazt app. I guarantee you there’s a way to connect to your V3. It was one of the most popular mobile phones since its first release, having been spotted in the hands of celebrities and business people alike until the advent of smartphonesit is frequently seen in reruns of movies and TV shows.

How do I download photos from my Motorola Razr V3 to my PC?

moorazr This section needs to be updated. BitPim failed to read all contact entries. This is due to subtle interactions of file versions with some of the components BitPim uses.


Ok here’s a description. To be notified of new releases, subscribe to the bitpim-announce mailing list.

It was popularised in South India through the movie Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaaduin which Kamal Haasan was seen using the phone. December 6, – Retrieved April 2, However one of the main attractions of the Razr V3, the fact that it is very thin, is no longer present in the V3x; although it was the smallest phone available in the UK on the 3 network at the time of motkrazr, compared to other contemporary phones, it was only average-sized.

It took me awhile but i actually got the photos on my PC now. CNET is the greatest of course but apparently this is bigpim bit in depth product wise. Skip to main content. It also featured an external screen with touch sensitive buttons which allowed users to use some of the phone features without bitpum the flip, and Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology to improve call quality and help reduce background noise.

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This has led to many Verizon Wireless users to resort to using their own artificial means of butpim their phones back to an original Motorola condition, or to that of a Verizon phone that has some of the disabled features enabled.


It’s really not “nuff said” please include a description of the app, and what kind of license it has, as stated in the request app guidelines.

It is OpenSource software. Just trying to stir this back up a little and see if someone can work a little magic? Retrieved September 10, It also comes in colors other than those mentioned above.

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Ive tried 2x now to use it. The Razr became identified as a “fashion” product and an iconic cell phone in the late s. The secondary camera is not available in the United States. I am trying to do the same thing with a RAZR v3m – there is a software you can purchase called Motorola Phone Tools and the v3m is listed as compatible.

Try Media Link for Windows instead. Because of its striking appearance and thin profile, it was initially marketed as an exclusive fashion phone, [3] but within a year, its price was lowered and it was wildly successful, selling over 50 million units by July Im so happy to have accomplished this.