Burned the image with Fireburner 2. Takes an eternity to uninstall too, btw. Attach Link2TV-enabled optical drive to any television that supports flash drives and other USB devices to view video and picture files. Use a custom profile. Qualification Procedures for qualification of new process designs require Reliability Participation approval in design reviews, documentation, characterization, and reliability stress studies. To best meet this goal, reliability engineering should be done at all levels of design and production, with all engineers involved.

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Well that didnt workappears to be the protection you said there is a ring near the outer of the cd ltieon the copy didnt work with your settingsat the end of reading it made some dummy files but there was a few bits found to be unreadable. Get total confidence in your disc burns. Failure Analysis Reliability Engineering also performs failure analysis of all failures.

If there is inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern. No need for FireBurner. No more worrying about losing something you consider irreplaceable. The settings philamber gave you are correct or you can use the LaserLock profile.

Use a custom profile. Xcd documentation of all changes to process steps and procedure, and of any new or improved designs or material, is assured by Reliability’s approval. Reliability engineering is the function of analyzing the expected or actual reliability of a product, process or service, and identifying actions to reduce failures or mitigate their effect.


Weighing less than grams, only Advertised performance on this website is based on maximum theoretical value. Can’t see the content of this pdf file?

All material or information provided on this website is indicative only. The overall goal of reliability engineering is to make your product more reliable in order to reduce repairs, lower costs, and to maintain your company’s reputation. Burned the image with Fireburner 2.

Thanks FPit had worked after allthanks again Philamberafter I ran the other. Anyone copied this and knows what protectionClony XXL doesnt seem to like it!

Aspects of Wafer Foundry. It is a LiteOn issue.

Ironstorm Aussie version and CCD – Burning Software – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

You’ll always get best read quality, the best read speed, and the quietest operation for whatever you’re doing! No extra power cords, no bulky adapters, no extra weight need to be carried. It appears that SD2. CloneCd is outstanding with this protection as is discdump in laserlock mode and alcohol is … well … hopeless.

The easy to carry eBAU is ideal whether you want to watch DVDs, backup data, install applications, or burn a disc for a friend. Engineer best-in-class built-in reliability test methodology to meet customer needs.


Significant modifications to existing processes are treated as new processes for the purpose of qualification. You can download it here: Fes on, IBBS on set it foreverything else off.

Another way if you have just CCD. No need to install a driver, just connect to a USB port and use. The reliability goals in litekn IC industry are generally discussed in conjunction with the traditional bath-tub curve shown in Fig.

7BF109N2 NONE LITEON HD CCD – Lite-On Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Please download new software tool ‘ SmartPack ‘ on Utilties page to check firmware updates for your optical drive s. Piteon offers simple and intuitive operation, just press the eject button for five seconds to switch your optical disc drive into Link2TV mode. It adjusts the maximum data read speed according to the task and the disc’s quality. Develops the necessary failure analysis infrastructure and capability to meet present volume production and future challenges.