I have installed the driver of FTDI chip. I can write and read through another software made by the chip company. The model mainframe holds five load modules to offer up to 10 w load input channels with standard frontpanel inputs. I guess I may have missed some stuff here and there, but I’m lost right now. I want to know if VISA communication protocol in Labview can be used to setup communication with my robot in order to acquire data from the sensor. I am using a pololu serial 8 micro controller to control 8 servos simultaneously.

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Currently I only have drivers installed at shown in Fig2. I know I will have to put some time and effort into this, but if anyone has any quick solutions to pick up the data after running from the front panel that would be a huge help.

致茂電子 Chroma ATE Inc.-驅動程式清單

Once the error occurs, it cannot talk to any of the supplies. I don’t know if it’s a home rolled version or leveraged from something else. I’m using the Lion OS, but I’ve booted it up in bit.

Please drop the block diagram code also if it is possible. I have this Windows computer, which is hooked xhroma to a fluxgate magnetometer through a PCI card, and I have enabled the security settings for the VISA server on this computer. Chroma modular dc electronic loads refurbished.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Has any one setup communication between hagiosonic stargazer and labview. Did anyone ever try to install and run labview runtime engine or later on windows embedded standard 7 p bit. Here is my Question: If I combine two commands into 1 array i. I have also tried splitting up the arrays and then converting labbview to strings and then concatenating the string, though I get the same error as before.


Find instrument drivers that are available for this instrument for use in labview, labwindowscvi, or measurement studio. I’ve also attached a text file of the IOTrace. I have called the DLL file.

Chroma 63600 labview torrent

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I’m not sure if it helps, but I can find the magnetometer in the NIvisaic on my Mac, and the readings from the magnetometer gets reflected in the LabVIEW of the Windows computer perfectly. Agilent nA constant voltage operation. I have install the NI Could you give me some advice?

Does anybody have some experience with the electronic loads from chroma modelnummer is for mainframe i have some problems with the labview drivers chroma provided, even if i belive it is more a problem of the unit than the driver. This applies to the lsdaq window as well.


And found there are question mark in palette. Please visit the series product page for information on all modular dc load modules and mainframes in this series. Rent or buy chroma dc electronic load mainframe. The approach is to send a 5 byte decimal array that is converted into a string labvieew then sent using the VISA write function.

Laview can write and read through another software made by the chip company. The chroma electronic load mainframe accepts the userinstallable series load modules for easy system configuration.

Sorensen XG communications crash.

Embed this content in your HTML. Hi, can someone please tell me how to write a program to set the fluke 45 to fixed current mode and acquire voltage readings?

As i know NI have a labvies program for testing communication in windows base but i didn’t find it in linux. The chroma mainframe holds five load modules to offer up to 10 w load input channels with standard frontpanel inputs. Notice that this is a different utility than vi package manager.