I did let chkdsk run all the way and it generated tons of recovered files, but there is still about 60 gigs that arent accounted for. I’ve since re-enabled defragging and have been verifying the checksums occasionallyno problems since taking the hot swap PCB out. I have windows vista home premium and I set off a defrag from the command line to run overnight. Im glad its all there but this is going to take a month to straighten out It looks like everything recently written to the hard drive in the past month or so was affected. Be nice to see a fix to this once and for all! So i powered it down and popped open the case to give all the connections a wiggle.

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Maybe it’s one of your controllers? In Explorer, go to the path you need to access, right click Properties, Security tab, click the Edit button and confirm the UAC prompt, in the window that pops up, there will likely be some SID number strings show up for the previous accounts, as well as Users, etc. Its been on phase two for a really long time and the drive is unmounted so I am pretty much blind to what is going on.

So, we both use many drives at the same time, and I also have two hot-swap bays. Log in or Sign up. Somewhere in the middle of the upgrade I wasn’t watching all that closely something went south and a black screen came up ticking through what I assume was all the files on my disk.


The corruption happens very rarely so I’ll have to wait and see. I’ve noticed a few read: So i powered it down and popped open the case to give all the connections a wiggle.

Silent corruption due to sofware defragmenter? The files in which I could detect the corruption were all compressed files, compressed iwth Windows 10’s default compression. I was installing Vista SP1 on my new notebook and about half way through as otehrs have said it stopped with a strange error and then the system does nothing but C1F5 error also.

SATA HDD failure after Defrag

I have anti-malware, AV, and firewall. Unfortunately, the Linux operating system is lacking stable online file system defrag capability. Sunday, March 9, 9: Before any changes are made to a Disk Safe file, a new on-disk journal file is created.

An example here and here. There was checkdsk running in its discomforting blue backgrounded screen. I am attaching a screenshot to illustrate the matter.

Test Disk Partition Table Doctor. While it was booting I went to throw lunch in the microwave. Replicating a drive to corrupption can cause severe disk saturation and performance issues.

System corrupted by defrag

I’m ordering a new, much smaller drive, so that I can install my window again. Why not 4 GB?

Again, that’s all speculation on my part. How do I get my data disk back? If you have deframgenting problem it would be a good idea to contact Microsoft and let them know so they can place a higher priority on it. Could you tell me if there is any way to possibly solve the problem?


Six Reasons Why Your External Drive May Get Slow

If this happens to be unused disk space, it will not affect any files and so you won’t see it as an error. However searching for this error shows up as far back as sats middle of Capacity of modern external disks comes up to TB and their small size allows carrying them just in your pocket.

Figure out what caused the problem. Oddly, I got defraymenting copy of system rescue cd recently – only to find the more recent recent versions of Gparted have all kinds of issues with ntfs. The sounds of clicking, rustling, whistling or vibration that you never noticed before.

Thirdly, with an external disk you can carry dozens and hundreds of various files. Or between two CDP Defragmmenting connected by a slow network connection. I did a lot of reorganisation on my PC recently, so I don’t know when the corruptions happened exactly.