Another question for those who have used Lithium CR-V3 rechargeables. Where can I go for maps of my home? An example would be the Idaho-Oregon-Nevada tri-state line. A secondary wish would be good POI list on the lake. I can go in the wilderness for over a week on one set of batteries if I turn it off after I check my location. Screen came up and light on briefly, then light off but screen still showing. And will the 1G card hold all the information?

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There have been a few issues.

Many thanks mike – December 13th, Thanks so much for your quick reply! Paul, If computers are not your thing, you might want to consider one of the Garmin units with pre-installed topo maps.

The graphics delore a hard time keeping up and sometimes get stuck. I plan to be traveling around the country and would love to geocache while doing that.

DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld | eBay

Is there any really good reason this would not be as good? I can go in the wilderness for over a week on one set of batteries if I turn it off after I check my location. I did put some NiMH re-chargables in it, and they last longer, but it appears they still delomre to be removed to be charged. The GPS positioning signal comes from the satellites, but the map data comes from the cell wireless network unless you have pre-loaded maps from a third party vendor.


Kirk – October 4th, However, I tested the batteries 3 hours after removal from the PN40 and they both showed 1. The PN does everything I need it to do.

Just go out around your house and delormr the neigborhood a few times, mark a few waypoints, record your track and then download the details. Can the DeLorme PN 40 measure area acreage?

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Handheld

I called tech service at DeLorme and they sent me a new xelorme. DeLorme has you covered there and you get that out of the box. Briefly turned on screen and then went blank.

I have the yearly sub. Thanks Robert, That really clears the picture for me! Tim – November 9th, I had to get a replacement pn Tim – March 14th, Eva – December 10th, I also own a PN and the PN addresses many of the shortcomings of the earlier model.

Who wants to buy a new pack of batteries every time they use a GPS without any maps on it! Once you download them you can move them around with Explorer on your computer, but if you move them after you have created a project you will get an error message.


DeLorme PN GPS Review

The battery compartment is locked in by a pair of small screws which can be tightened or loosened by hand thanks to the rings on the screw head. However, I am clueless about geocahing.

DeLorme had a fairly solid design so they stuck with it. The learning curve on the software, and to less of an extent, the receiver itself, is pretty high compared to what I was expecting. delormr

DeLorme PN-40

PN sounds like an awesome device. Not bad, not great, acceptable. Robert – December 7th, It seems like different Garmin models have different maps pre-loaded.