Special Offers Promotions and offers direct from Macintosh developers and magazines. The following items can be set. Nor is a mic included for inputting sound to the UA If installation of the USB Audio Device driver was terminated before completion Use the following procedure to delete the driver that is already installed. Click the Windows [Start] button, and then click Run. They actually provide a regulated external supply instead of a plain wall wart.

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Additionally, in edirok to feel assured that you have gained a good. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another.

Post 11 of Will easily beat without a question nearly all off-the-shelf soundcards. Post 3 of Post 8 of Its mated with NHT super-zeros and a passive sub which are powered by two rotel bx’s. Aug 6, at 3: I have either the UA or UA-3 almost the same. Page 15 Connections and driver installation fig.

Aug 5, at 5: Use a USB cable to connect the UA to your computer before turning ddirol the power of your audio equipment. It is not necessary to turn off the power of your computer.


I have no actual experience with it, however.

Roland Ed Ua-30 USB Audio Interface Model UA30

I imagine the fault lies mostly with Apple and their sketchy implementation of USB, but I’m not entirely sure. I would also like to make a comment regarding USB audio: Keep it at hand for reference when needed. Edifol me, this is a hack, and it’s very unprofessional to have to perform these maneuvers in front of anyone like a producer you’ve sequenced some music for.

Aug 5, at 3: Here’s another problem with this thing – I would be reluctant to tap on it too hard. I had the M-Audio Firewire Post 7 ua30 Combined its an edgy fast, punchy, loud–with too much bass You should also turn down the volume of any audio amp system that is connected.

Roland Ed Ua USB Audio Interface | eBay

No problems with several different computers. Here we will provide brief explanations of some of these commands. Select the region that you wish to edit First select the region that you wish to edit.

Table of Ua-0 Add to my manuals Add.

I like it–but I haven’t had any other DAC to compare it with, nor have I done comparisons with my CD player, so I don’t know how much my opinion is worth. Introduction Parts of the UA and their function fig. You will need to provide these items yourself.


In the Open a Waveform dialog box, use the Files of type pulldown list to select the type of file that you wish to open.

Anyone heard of Roland UA-30 USB soundcard?

Page 11 A set of headphones can be connected here. With dishonest business practices like these, I would strongly recommend against buying the UA, or any products from Edirol, for that matter I don’t know how realistic it would be to avoid Roland products entirely, but I’m considering that, too.

Sample rate select switch or the Recording input select switch, you must first exit all applications including the UA D-Out Smoother p.

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