Both the left and right ends of the Warboard have marco keys that can be programmed via the included software. Recommendations for Purchase of New Laptop! It would have been nice if they were blue or even white to go with the color theme. Review Categories Case Reviews. Construction and durability seem outstanding. If you are one of those people that play many games at one given time, you can save your macros for different games and load them when needed. A note for Windows XP users, you do not need to install the software.

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The ability to program keys to your every command is incredibly a worthwhile addition. And what the heck does “Snipa” mean? His only concern was in everyday useage where he started, the spacebar is pretty small and he had to adjust his way of typing to keep from clicking other keys like Alt.

Digg this article Submit flexiglos reddit Add to del. And to add flexigolw the macros changing feature, you can also change the keys for that ultimate in game feeling.

And the keyboard held up pretty well. This page was last edited on 12 Januaryat Summary [ edit ] Description CyberSnipa Flexiglow single handed keyboard for gamers. How else am I to frag in the dark when my wife is watching her reruns of Law and Order or sleeping? And you cant miss the large white eagle on the box as well. Given that some of the pad’s keys are distinctively labeled jump, crouch, goal, load, usea few minutes spent remapping proved useful.


Closer look The Warboard offers a ton of features that can make customizing the board to your needs pretty exciting. The famous WASD cluster is in the center, highlighted in blue, with larger keys, about the shape of a fingertip. Because the changing of keys does not mean a change in operation.

With the mouse in the right hand and the gamepad under the left, we both found the WASD positioning and placement of the larger, more frequently used keys definitely speed up the “eyes to brain to hand to screen” transition.

Flexiglow Game Pad V2 CSGPBK01R Wired Keyboard

The break it down simply: The keyboard comes in either a black or white housing. One thing to note, the back light does not turn off by itself.

He was pretty impressed with the Warboard as well. The Warboard offers a ton of features that can make customizing the board to your needs pretty exciting. Flexigllow initial interface to the software that is used to customize the Warboard is pretty damn cool looking. You will have to wait until next week to read about the new mouse. A little blue light that Flexiglow distinction radiating from under the pad can be turned on or off.

I could sit here and count every key on this keyboard and tell you how many there are but that would be useless as some keys can be removed to do other things.


Cyber Snipa PC Game Pad FlexiGlow Silver FPS Gaming Keyboard Gamepad | eBay

Our key focus is on meeting the ever changing needs of the gaming community – one of the fastest growing communities in the world today. But honestly not necessary. The removing of the keys with the key changer was as simple as it could be. But there are many more names out there besides the ones mentioned. It should be noted that the Cyber Snipa is not a replacement for your regular keyboard, but rather a gaming supplement.

Lightweight Blue back light Hot keys Cons: Equipped with more keys than shells in a M The slimline stance of the Warboard is flexigllow similar to that of the Logitech G11 that I am currently using as my everyday keyboard.

Indeed, that’s where my unit has ended up! The Cyber Snipa has had quite a varied and intense workout this past week. The following page uses this file: No reproduction in whole or in part without express written permission.

To preserve your EL panel, you will need to turn it off manually.