Fred as a “Movie Star”. In , at the age of 33, Lorenzen retired while at the pinnacle of his career. The call was from Ralph Moody asking Lorenzen if he would like to drive for him. Of the laps during that five-race stretch, Lorenzen led of them. Turn on JavaScript from your settings to fully experience the site.

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NASCAR HoF Hot Facts: Fred Lorenzen – Page 2

Just a few years later he would try his hand at another form lorenzej racing. He did so while competing in only 29 of the scheduled 61 events that season. Just email them here for consideration. Retrieved from ” https: His love of racing began at an early age.

The Sudden Retirement Of Fred Lorenzen

He built a miniature car out of spare parts at age 13, a washing machine nasca contraption that was confiscated by police for being too fast. He played the stock market and remained on the sidelines until Maywhen the itch returned and he made a comeback attempt.

Lorenzen won eight of those races, five consecutively. Perhaps his most loyal followers however, were the thousands of kids who idolized the cool driver of the number 28 Ford.


ByFord Motor Co. The win would have been significant had a rookie simply outdriven the legendary Turner, but Lorenzen went a step further. This lorrenzen serious stuff He made only five starts inbut after compiling a career record of 26 victories in starts, he suddenly retired from competition, citing ulcers and a loss of weight as reasons for the spur-of-the-moment decision. They regularly bring him fan letters — some old and some from among the dozen or so that still arrive each week.

Fred Lorenzen | HowStuffWorks

During that same time frame young Lorenzen entered major races. He was like Santa Claus was to all the little kids.

Opinions and other content are not necessarily those of editors or sponsors. Wins Top tens Poles The next six seasons brought an assault on the record books not seen before or since. That same year, Bernie Biernacki was an eighth-grader in Aurora who spotted a story about a Lorenzen race in the newspaper. She wrote the following letter in during a time when Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tired of living out of suitcases and being away from home, Lorenzen was satisfied with his decision to retire in Some think he may have given Richard Petty a run for his money.

He didn’t run after pretty girls. The nickname was ‘Fearless Freddie’. If only we had the knowledge back then of head injuries, my Dad would be sitting with me in good health today, playing with his grand babies and living happily at home. I definitely quit too early.


Fred Lorenzen

Richard Petty and David Pearson, despite more super speedway starts, were still in single digits. Except for The Speed LoversLorenzen has never starred in another movie, except, of course, starring in actual race films. Tough, hard nosed, and never one to give an inch on the lorenzwn when the checkered flag was near, he was respected by his peers.

He went out and turned two laps faster than the pole speed. Despite winning 26 races that season, he finished third in the standings. The object of this nacsar prank was to see who could flip the automobile first.

His best season was when he finished with six wins, 21 top fives and 23 top 10s in 29 starts. That’s how I had my success.