If one of the nodes fails, the secondary node will take over the complete SAN identity of the first node. First some technical background. Quite simple, isn’t it? The second very interesting feature is the lack of capcity based licensing. What can we do to improve this information?

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And does the slave state in XenCenter that multipathing is active on the slave under General Properties?

Fujitsu StorageCluster Walkthrough Part 1

Quite simple, isn’t mpuo Three or more paths are not connectable. You can also achieve multiple connections with direct attached storage when multiple channels are available. First, the before mentioned “switch of identity” takes some time. Yes, I can re-install, but this server it was installed on the same time and had the same hotfixes.

Share this post Link to post. If one of the nodes fails, the secondary node will take over the complete SAN identity of the first node.

ETERNUS DX/AF series ODM package for AIX MPIO Download

SC supports both but only FC can keep the switching time below thresholds of applications and filesystems. Related Resources To interact with this component, access the Preview mode. Created April 2, Provided in Solaris, Windows and Linux versions. You need to enable security on this component, as it could expose confidential information see Allowing User Impersonation.


Where can MPIO be downloaded from?

I installed clean 6. Considerations When Purchasing Storage Solutions.

First some technical background. This is a tiny Windows or Linux software that renders a VM or physical server into a storage cluster whitness or Storage Cluster Controller. Oct 31, Last Updated: The before mentioned 10 second delay for switch-over is the absolute maximum, normally failover is faster so you fujitssu have any problems except a short hang of the accessing systems.

Feedback Please rate this article. One of my colleagues went to a 2-day training for the SC implementation fukitsu with the information he brought back to us I’m currently installing the first FTS SC installation in my life. ETERNUS Multipath Driver supports redundant access paths and load balancing capability between systems for higher operational reliability and greater performance. This way you can use the ressources of both nodes in the storage environment.

ETERNUS Multipath Driver

This is the central management application that is required for the SC to be configured. Part 2 will show you how to implement the solution.

SC supports up to 10ms round-trip time RTT but faster is always better. This article resolved my issue. If not check the slave’s IQN is allowed to access the storage mipo not just the master This is a real hardware invest protection. SC is a per-device license mio you have to buy the custer pack for each node, no matter which model, controller size, generation or capacity.


This is a very important fact in times where capacity grows more and more.

To request a new product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page. Not everything is good, SC also has some disadvantages you have to keep in mind.

What I must settings for after reboot slave, multipathing is enable and work. This time can be up to 10 seconds. Then enable multipathing and attach it to the pool with hotfixes etc and go that route? You should test your application before running it on SC.