Moderate square stage headphone types seem to go well with the Ibasso. Table of measured characteristics Frequency response of amplifier iBasso DX loaded dynamic headphone type. Can the DX play files in their native bit depth and sampling rate? More than 3 years after my purchase, I’m still very happy with the DX HIgh-impedance headphones such as the classic Sennheiser HDs and s don’t have as wide a soundstage with the DX as you get with a dedicated amp either, but even using sensitive IEMs and headphones with weird impedance issues such as the new Sony XBA series , the result is consistently good. If you press it, it will show the “real” expanded music player, I’m guessing programmed in by iBasso.

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Continue to the next pageā€¦. You just drag and drop your files onto it. Design The design is not the best that I have seen. Do you already have an account?

iBasso DX/HDP-R10 Purist ROM version released! |

Ease of use isn’t far from IOS5 to be honest, I figured it out pretty fast, and with a manual it’s likely even more intuitive. The sound quality is better than anything I’ve ever heard. This is located to the left of “Remove tags”.

And with the ongoing development that seems to be happening, I reckon it’s got a good future. It’s really only a 1 time process thing so it’s not a big deal. I have been listening to twice as much music since I have it, and this will only get worse better once I get my Miracle.


We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. I don’t want to get into the whole technical analysis of the sound, because I am not qualified too, but just to give you an idea of the quality: Once you overcame this initial phase I did a countdown myself and it’s 16 seconds for my unit 20 seconds if you start the countdown from when you first power the unit on.

Jan 23, at 1: But how does it stack up against some CDPlayers? I don’t mind that, but I iabsso imagine others would return their unit immediately for these little faults. However, this is an audiophile music player after all and it was built for the main purpose of playing music.

Post 3 of If you have junk such as “Comment”, “Composer”, “Disc number”, and “embedded album art” this will all contribute to slowing down your device.

What Hi-Fi?

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I’ll replace this text with my initial impressions and some good photos The last problem crazy audiophiles may encounter is that they will not know what to buy after that! Reply February 11, nang. I find that it is perfectly sufficient but it may be a bit too little for long plane flights.


Ibasso DX – The last word in DAPs? | Headfonics

The tera player, hifimanor the ibasso dx? Post 15 of Problem should be solved and your player should be rather responsive ibzsso start up. If you want to play high-res files then you’re limited to using the default music player, which, handily, recognises just about everything, though may not be able to read every type of file tag.

Since the thundering bass you get here when its called for is tremendous! I also recommend cleaning up your tags. Post 7 of Post 12 of That may seem like a minor point to some, but from that small detail, something tells me that Ibasso has put some really serious design process into the DX Also remove clutter such as composer, disc number, comments.

Internal software player During tests RAA software-hardware measuring complex was used galvanic isolated power transformer and was excluded the effect of ground loop in the spectra. Table of measured characteristics Frequency response iBasso DX