So far I found out that the company behind the product is currently: In this fragment of C code, a large text string is first written to the database, then read back from the database. A value of -1 is infinite wait. Here are the corresponding entries in the odbc. In the case of unixODBC it is possible to use a utlility, odbcinst , to make changes to the configuration files. Sign up using Facebook. The performance of SQLBase 12 is highly scalable and does not decrease with a growing numbers of users.

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Flexible licensing options allow for easy centralized deployment.

Driver manager configuration files. Post sqlgase a guest Name. Distributed transactions benefit from connection pooling. The SQLBase database system supports multiple connections and multiple statements per connection.

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These files are named odbc. The default is determined by SQLBase. Values can be -1 to In addition, many Level 2 functions and some Level 3 functions are salbase. Schedule recurring database maintenance tasks like daily backups, database unloads and much more. Create, modify and delete all database objects via easy to use dialogs. Optionally, type the name of the server containing the Sqlbasee database tables you want to access or select the name from the Server Name drop-down list box, which displays the server names you specified in the Setup dialog box.


Gupta recommends that you use long names. Define thresholds for Alarms that trigger actions. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Instal.

In this fragment of C code, a large text string is first written to the database, then read back from the database. Shown below is an example data source, “Gupta1”, as it would be configured for different driver managers. Optional OpenText Business Intelligence OTBI is a comprehensive query and reporting solution that enables business analysts and other business users to pose questions about their data and then view the results in visually informative reports.

With Integration Center you can transform data in the synch process.

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A Logon ID is required only if security is enabled on your database system. That said, I could not connect to my database anyway, because the installer I tried the 9.

Here are the few differences in Linux:. Values can be -1 wait forever to ; the default is Your license of SQLBase includes a bit and a bit database server.

You can change these defaults by using this procedure to reconfigure your data source. The Command Center Service will execute scheduled tasks automatically and it has the flexibility to send emails when a task is executed successfully or only if there was a problem encountered. A string that identifies a single connection to a SQLBase database system, for example, “Accounting”.


If you click OK, the values you have specified become the odbbc when you connect to the data source. When queried for API conformance, the driver responds that it is Level 2 compliant. Several lines are necessary for each data source.

Your application might supply enough information in the connection string to make the connection without prompting you. That worked for Windows XP and Windows 7, but for Windows 7 I also needed to define the path to the ini file in the sqlabse.

The SQLBase client drivers do also come in bit and bit variants. Entries in the odbcinst. The integrated tools allow testing for developers and to setup and configure automated maintenance with ease.