The “other” packages were already there, but did not work for me. Tell it to the Ubuntu developers. I still have the CUPS tar. Alas, I no longer have the ‘broken pipe’ report, so I can’t send it to you. Amy Reliable, Quick and Helpful. KS For a Dell , I followed these steps exactly and it worked like a charm. I got this working no problem under 6.

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I still have the CUPS tar. I actually still dual-boot and print from Windows because my printer seems to have problems with printing more than one page when he can’t pull in the next sheet of paper. My printer also sucks at grabbing the next sheet of paper, so if it fails lexnark that it just stops the whole job altogether without telling me anything. I also tried the other 5 or 6 suggestions I found on the grid. I am lsxmark sure what I am doing wrong.

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The Lexmark printers are not officially supported by Canonical as far as I know. If you want to discuss the reasons to switch to Ubuntu or why you quit Ubuntu, you may post here: Just a hat tip to the OP, got this printer installed on Fedora with their advice, and a little help from these guys http: I have Ubuntu 9.


Actually, you might have more problems with Kubuntu than Ubuntu.

Thanks so much for this post! Found the solution actually in this thread DOH! First you’ll need the drivers from lexmark, you can find those at http: Could you explain what you’re saying here lexkark more noob-friendly terms?

What printer exactly do you have? Here is a list of the installed files and the permissions they should have: No, I wouldn’t say it’s better.

Product Type Ink Cartridge. I’m still trying to find a way to get that to work as a network printer on my windows box.

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Our printer experts are here to help! D If your Dell Photo Printer won’t print after you installed the driver, try installing this library: To unzip the zipped file, this is done differently depending on the file extension. Speak to our printer experts! KS For a DellI followed these steps exactly and it worked like a charm. Any instructions for 64bit?

Lexmark Z601-Z615 Driver

This is just my personal opinion, take it for what it’s worth. I do not receive an error in XP and I do not see anything in the cups logs that explains what happened. But at least it printed.


It will show that lfxmark is being sent to the printer but nothing will actually print. However, I followed the instructions, and successfully installed the debs in the correct order and everything pddk then cupsbut the driver isn’t showing up in the list of Lexmark lexmagk though there are many Lexmark options.

I’ll keep looking; maybe BSD or Haiku will work, maybe not, but an OS that either alienates people or can only work in conjunction with the grid is not likely to become popular.

Lexmark toonerkassett 10N 16 Z13 Z23 Z23e Z25 Z33 Z34 Z35 Z Z Z Z X75 –

Hi, thanks for the tutorial, well written. Should I be expecting more information than this? As a total idiot and newbie, i found this post invaluable and now have my Dell up and running: Anyone else seen this