Comment 15 Adam Williamson In the following years a commercial line would emerge to include sporting rifles in calibers. Corrupted display Expected results: Please identify your part before placing order. The Replacement Display Screen for Zen M76 also comes with manufacturing defect warranty and the shipping is done in secured packing to make sure you get the product in perfect shape. Post a comment about this article below:

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Comment 15 Adam Williamson Regarding the display corruption I wonder if the extremely high resolution x panel is triggering it?

This just “freezes” the screen Please identify your part before placing order. Haas Factory Support M76 is the closest feature to this request: There are vertical dosplay about an inch apart and 1 character wide that repeat the previous character or equiv graphic and shimmer. SAR was there, along with many luminaries of the small arms community including General Kalashnikov.

Tested before shipping QC done.

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Comment 18 Martin Ebourne New technologies continued to be introduced to the factory in the following decades. It appears a third hole and pin in the receiver contained a safety sear. Comment 23 Martin Ebourne If there is not a built in function for this, it would be very easy to add a power switch to the monitor power.


Comment 16 Martin Ebourne Comment 7 Martin Ebourne Comment 11 Adam Williamson Comment 21 Martin Ebourne Seems the CPU goes into a tight spin, fan revs up and machine doesn’t respond, had to hard-power off. There is a very effective recoil buffer that is attached to the rear of the recoil spring.

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Within twelve days these outstanding firearms sold out, a testament to their value and quality. The Romanian was one hundred per cent sure fire. Login [x] Log in using an account from: In the following years a commercial line would emerge to include sporting rifles in calibers. Dispaly was liberated on October 21, and the next day former employees gathered amongst the destruction found 82 machines, formed working brigades and spent the next ten years reclaiming their destiny.

Comment 4 Martin Ebourne Test firing was at Ukumehame shooting range on the Lahaina visplay of the beautiful island of Maui, using 24 inch by 1inch thick square steel target at a distance of yards.


In the period from to everything from artillery, mortars and hand grenades of German, French and British design, to sub caliber training devices, were manufactured. The M76 trigger group, manufactured by Red Star Arms of Columbia, Missouri is didplay adjustable with four Allen heads in strategic locations: Their longevity surpasses even Beretta by twenty-five years.

Todd Grove, owner of Rapid Fire from Troy, Ohio would put his skills and newly acquired half million dollar ultra modern CNC machines to work on the first of the fifty original M76 kits. Track my order s. diplay

Handsfree Jack for Zen M The wood furniture looks dislay be a light color teak with an oversized and very comfortable pistol grip and an effective rubber shoulder pad. Battery for Zen M Results 1 to 12 of There are numerous dimensional differences between the M76 8mm and a conventional Kalashnikov 7.