The optical drive is located right in the center of the Alienware Aurora m notebook, which is not the ideal location for those who often use the drive. I can feel no heat on my hands while typing, a very nice characteristic. Also, I believe all m’s come with SoundMax audio rather than realtek. View of the keyboard and touchpad view large image. One of my few complaints on the is the touchpad. The display moves with resistance, but a smooth and calm kind of force.

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Alienware Aurora m9700 laptop chipset drivers

In fact, I’m discovering that many so called “gaming notebooks” have blossomed out into a new breed of very high powered mobile workstations that offer endless opportunities for graphically oriented users. Resources for IT Professionals. The two hard drive locations can also be n9700 in this image.

Alienware Aurora m Notebook Features: Have Comments about Windows 7 Beta.

Alienware Aurora m9700

As I said, the is a desktop replacement, so plan on being tethered to a power-cord. Looking at the Alienware Aurora notebook sitting on the table it looks like nearly every other notebook on the market.

Left side of the Alienware M view large image. PC Mag Aside from Yoda in Star Wars, you rarely see green aliens in science-fiction movies anymore—these days, the color is more often applied to machines.


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All in all, I would say Chhipset hit a homerun with the design of this laptop. Until Intel’s Conroe comes out, AMD is the gaming platform of choice and Alienware has done well to select the components it did for this gaming notebook.

With a native resolution of xthere is certainly a lot of real estate to be had. Can i chilset ichime, before i order thegtx, was it really that easy to put it in?

For just Internet surfing and other easy tasks it is fine, but gaming is impossible. Although it is not the cheapest gaming alternative, the Aurora m is priced rather competitively.

Alienware M Review

Alienware belongs to the mid-sized manufacturers of the notebook market. No, create an account now.

How does 1GB of graphics memory sound? We have seen a lot of interesting things here at E3, but we wanted to bring you some exclusive photos of Alienware? I have a Logitech G5 gaming mouse that I use, so the touchpad will only m97000 used on the go for me.

Hopefully some mod’s will see this and you can earn a spot as an official NBR reviewer! Where are the benchmarks? Screenshot with idle temps: I’m guessing it’s a chipset issue or possibly a BIOS issue. I did the same for my GS’s. The physical feel and look of this notebook is first class and even the most ham-fisted gamer will look like a pro when gaming with the Aurora m If you are looking for something portable, look else where. The keyboard feels right. It has handled every program I have thrown at it with ease, with only one GPU enabled mind you Windows Vista does not support SLI graphics yet, a driver will be along shortly.


I am going to be a freshman in college come fall, and the just really seemed like a good choice for me. Being a desktop replacement, the keyboard boasts a full numeric pad, a nice feature for gaming.

I have always 9m700 an Alienware, and the has not disappointed. It has handled every program I have thrown at it with ease, with only one GPU enabled mind you Windows Vista does not support SLI graphics yet, a driver will be along shortly.