If your going to get detoured alot you need one that actually says the name of the steets. Never had any major problems with it. This device cannot do this, and neither can the vast majority of PND devices. As I recall there was a problem with the leading zeros on some number that you type in. Also, they’re not all clearly identified–for example, the Main menu button is only marked by two rectangles–so a quick read of the user guide might be worthwhile. Well, we took it out for a test-drive ourselves and also found it to be a solid navigation system. Shirley – July 19th,

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Magellan RoadMate 3000T Automotive Mountable

Every time mine has frozen lots of times I can fix it by either holding the power button for about 6 or 7 seconds to shut it down OR pushing the reset button. For example, the RoadMate would alert us to take the next right or left almost as we were passing the magelllan.

Alan – September 30th, I am a commercial truck driverthat magelkan a differant truck. Thanks for any help. This road is not new, been there for years or more?? My Magellan t stopped working this morning.


Magellan RoadMate T GPS Review

Having some experience with PCs they thought I would be able to unbrick this unit. Tom Tom has user updates on thier web site and you can download them for free.

Gary – July 16th, Robert Duncan – August 8th, I bought a few of these becuase that’s what I do for a hobby. The only problem I had was leaving it in the sun while I shopped with no air conditioning on.

Mansfield – August 5th, I like the Magellan T features overall especially multiple destinations and intelligent place name assistancebut would like the speech-to-text street names feature and I have no use for blue-tooth of traffic information. I purchased the MRM T about 1 month ago. Don Johnson – March 31st, They up date is ok but they are lying on the web site. Lisa – June 29th, Garmin part number With the old version I was able to go to Points of Interest and pick a city and look for restaurants, etc.

Magellan RoadMate T review: Magellan RoadMate T – Roadshow

Garmin part number Tim – July 1st, Thanks! Teresa – August 14th, How can I update the map. Don Johnson – October 17th, The RoadMate T also has a handy little feature called QuickSpell to help speed up the process of text entry.


Which would be more helpful in the long run. About this product Product Identifiers Brand.

I have a Magellan T model, I just purchase an SD card for it, I loaded a whole bunch of music in it, and it work excellent. Gary – July 16th, Is there a way to make the T easier to use?? But when I did get the magellan department, the guy told me to call back tomarrow that everyone has gone home.!!

Tim – October 18th, Most of the GPS manufacturers only release new map updates about once per year. United Kingdom 2 Posts.

The one I kept even has local AAA emergenc y information and there were selections even on the island! Trending Price New. Tim – September 27th,