HwResetBus This routine is called by Storport to clear any error conditions that exist on the bus. This can sometimes be a pain for users who implement ScsiPassThrough, due to the fact that their requests will fail if the input buffers are not correctly aligned. When working with Storport, we need to determine when we receive a request and whether or not that request can be processed synchronously or asynchronously. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. VS Express Now Supported. This routine is called after HwStorFindAdapter successfully returns and its purpose is to initialize the miniport and to find all devices that are of interest to it. As the names imply, static devices are not removable and are always present, while dynamic devices can arrive and depart.

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For more information about the Storport driver, see Storage Port Drivers. If Windows Server automatically installs the driver for the newly-added FC adapter upon startup, without prompting you for a selection for example, Windows Server installed an inbox drivergo to the Updating the Existing Driver section. DLLdepending minipprt the supported bit platform.

Storport driver miniport routines

However, if the devices that our miniport exports are not accessible i. So, again, the operations we perform depend upon the device that our driver exports. Similar functions allow the miniport driver to pause and resume processing on an adapter-wide basis. The HwStorTracingEnabled callback routine enables the Storport to notify a miniport that event tracing is enabled.

After you remove the device from your computer and restart your system, Windows recognizes that it has been removed. If remotely, how do we get to it?


FC HBA STOR Miniport Driver for Windows Readme File

Mini;ort Storport driver will ensure that any buffers provided are aligned on at least this boundary. Everything Windows Driver Development. Let’s start a basic discussion of these items. This is the routine where we’ll register our miniport with Storport.

Can we use system worker threads, create our own mibiport pool, or is somebody else processing the request? The StorPortLogTelemetry routine logs a miniport telemetry event to help diagnose or collect any useful information.

So we have to make sure that the operations we need to be performed can be performed at that IRQL, or there is some way that we can process the request later on at some lower IRQL. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Possible values are 0 byte aligned1 word aligned3 long aligned and 7 longlong aligned.

For example, if the resources that our miniport exports are present at initialization time i. This procedure is only necessary when installing the driver during the initial OS installation. Storport is a welcome relief to storage driver writers wishing to write a miniport for a virtual adapter.

Processing Requests As with any other type of kernel driver, we need to be concerned about how we handle requests. For a virtual adapter we would miniiport to select StorSynchronizeFullDuplex which means that our miniport driver can add new requests to its queue even while it is in the process of minipot others. The following are miniport driver routines: Since we are implementing a miniport for this virtual adapter, we should set this field to Internal MultipleRequestsPerLun – must be set to TRUE, and indicates that the miniport’s virtual adapter can queue multiple requests per logical unit.


ScsiStopAdapter – this operation is requested when Storport wants to shutdown the virtual adapter ScsiRestartAdapter – this operations is requested when Storprot wants to reinitialize the virtual adapter ScsiSetBootConfig – this operation is requested when Storport wants to restore any settings on a SMD that the BIOS might need to reboot.

windows – Storport Miniport driver – Stack Overflow

AlignmentMask – contains a mask indicating the alignment jiniport for buffers sent to the adapter. Thus, development in this area was limited to companies and individuals who were willing to take chances, accept the inherent complexities, and forgo WHQL certification. When the SRB is eventually completed by our miniport?

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Can the Storage port and Storage miniport be implemented in the same sys file. For some, there is probably nothing to do, but for others, initialization may entail more work. OSR would like to that James Antognini and Albert Chen from Microsoft for providing us with the information needed to produce the Storport virtual miniport. To remove the driver in a Windows environment, uninstall it as a Plug and Play device as follows:.